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Driving Defensively is Driving Smart on I-4
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Driving Defensively is Driving Smart on I-4
Defensive Driving on I-4

During the daily commute, Interstate 4 drivers may experience a fellow motorist driving aggressively, or not paying attention. Some may cut others off; some may be distracted and swerving. Whatever is encountered, commuters on I-4 need to be aware of fellow drivers, drive defensively, and with consideration. It’s the best way to avoid causing a crash.

Below are a few tips from the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles on how to drive defensively.

The 2-Second Rule
Give yourself time to respond:

• Watch the vehicle ahead pass a fixed point (sign or tree)
• Count two seconds
• If you reach the mark before the 2nd second you're tailgating — back off!

Spotting Bad Driver Behavior
Be constantly on the alert for the following bad driver behavior:

• Tailgating
• Signaling inconsistently
• Abruptly turning or swerving
• Speeding

Don't be an Aggressive Driver
Tests have shown that aggressive drivers tend to cause crashes. Below are common actions of aggressive drivers that should be avoided:

• Yelling at fellow motorists while driving
• Speeding up to stop drivers from "cutting in"
• Tailgating
• Accelerating when the traffic light is yellow

Avoid Head-On Collisions
Head-on collisions are the most dangerous crashes. Here's how to avoid one:

• Always be on the lookout for dangerous situations
• Look for cars backing out of parking spots or driveways
• In bad weather, slow down, turn on wipers and lights
• Keep an eye out for bad drivers

Stay Focused
Avoid the following distractions while driving:

• Eating and drinking
• Adjusting music
• Using a cell phone to talk or text 
• Turning your head to talk to others in the car
For more information about defensive driving in Florida, visit

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