August 27, 2009
FHP Cracking Down on Move Over Law Violators
Orlando Traffic Management Center Receives Achievement Award
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FHP Cracking Down on Move Over Law Violators
Florida's Move Over Law
Although Florida’s Move Over Law has been on the books since 2002, many drivers on Interstate 4 and other Florida roadways may still be unaware of it. Now is the time for drivers to educate themselves, because Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) Director Col. John Czernis announced that troopers will target violators of the Move Over Law now through Sept. 7.

The Move Over Law was passed to help keep law enforcement officers, tow truck operators and other emergency responders safe when pulled over along Florida roadways. The law dictates that drivers move over one lane when approaching an emergency vehicle on a highway shoulder with its lights flashing. If the driver is unable to move over a lane, he or she must slow down to 20 mph under the posted speed limit while passing the emergency vehicle.

“It is not only important that we enforce the traffic laws, but also that we make every effort to educate drivers to make them aware of what those laws are,” said Czernis. “Florida’s emergency workers have families that expect to see them home safely at the end of their shift. We owe them the opportunity to perform their duties without being struck by a passing motorist.”

Over the past decade more than 150 law enforcement officers nationwide have lost their lives to passing motorists while performing their duties along the side of the road, according to a FHP news release.
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